Radium Hosting and our Code of Ethics

With an estimated 25,092 hosting companies in the USA, buyers find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between credible hosting providers and fly by night operators. With our code of ethics we pledge to be one of the very best providers in the hosting business.

A study by NetEffect Systems revealed that 67 percent of all e-commerce transactions are canceled before completion. People just can’t get over the hurdle of typing in their credit card number online. But 58 percent reported that a privacy policy and a seal of approval would convince them that it was alright to proceed.

What does this research tell us? Improved business credibility and higher buyer confidence can increase sales dramatically. Radium Hosting understands the need for a widely-recognized seal of approval within the hosting industry. Hence we have opt-in to the global Hosting Code of Ethics Program that provides us an Ethics Seal to display prominently on our site.

Radium Hosting agrees to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  1. To provide accurate and up-to-date hosting product information.
  2. To provide helpful solutions to sales and support requests.
  3. To honor the money-back guarantee period specified in our Terms of Service.
  4. To provide clear and proper billing.
  5. To provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption during payment transactions.
  6. To resolve customer disputes promptly and professionally.
  7. To pro-actively monitor services to ensure maximum server performance and uptime.
  8. To safeguard customer privacy by not sharing, renting or selling client information.
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