Testimonials from Our Customers

Wouldn't work with anyone else!
- by Brea Schmidt of photographybybrea.com

When I first started working with Mark over at Radium Hosting, I chose him simply because I knew him personally, and that was "comfortable" to me as I went into the unknown world of building a website for my new photography business.

But, having worked with him now for more than a year - the reason that I am Sticking with Radium Hosting is not because I know Mark, but because he has been absolutely Imperative to the growth of my website and my business. In a world where your website Is your storefront, and people are searching out their photography options via the web - Mark has not only been amazing in helping me create a clean website that is easy to navigate, but his vast knowledge of improving Seo has helped me grow my business more quickly than I could have without him.

From the beginning, Mark was patient with me as I tried to understand all of the ins and outs of maintaining my site (and I am clueless when it comes to this stuff!) I have never waited more than a day for a response from him (frankly, most of my emails are responded to within hours if not minutes). And, after many, many long hours working together at the beginning to get the site to where I wanted it to be, he has put me in a position where I have full control of the content of my site so that I can easily make changes to it myself when I need them - something that is Extremely important to me as a photographer who is constantly sharing new content/photos. But the great thing is that I know that Mark will be there to help me out if there is something that I cannot do on my own.

The bottom line is this: with all of the different things that go into running a business, you want things to be seamless... and Radium Hosting did that for me in the building and maintaining of this website. I would recommend Radium to Anyone who is looking to build a site. It's not just a company that hosts your website - it's expertise on how to make that website Work for your business. Mark's vast knowledge and passion for what he does is second to none, and because of that, Photography by Brea will not be switching from working with Radium. (Ever.)


Fast service and great hosting
- by Justin Zacherl of creeksidegranite.com

I am not a computer guy. I had a simple site through yahoo, until I found radium. They did all the work and needed little input from me. When it was done they taught me how to use the site.
They have answered all of my questions quickly and have helped my site work for me.
The hosting and web design are great, and the friendly service cant be beat.


Radium Hosting Rocks!
- by Valerie Simon of coastalbreezenews.com
We recently made the switch to Radium Hosting and have been very pleased with the immediate personal customer service and technical support.

And, the speed of the service is terrific! I only wish we had made the switch to Radium sooner, it would have saved us a lot of time!
Great job, looking forward to a long relationship with Radium!


Radium Hosting Pura Vida!
- by Nan W of dogwoodsretreat.com

Very helpful sales and support staff. A couple of queries I had were answered very promptly and my site runs better than ever. This host is way ahead and top notch. I've been with them over 2 years and no downtime, even when data was moved onto a new server. Excellent all round.


Extremely Satisfied
- by Erin Schollaert of butlerdekhockey.com

I host all my sites with Radium Hosting and will never again use another company. I have not experienced a single problem with any of my sites. In my experience, the up time and reliability is 100%.

The best part about Radium Hosting is the technical support and customer service. Whenever I have a questions, the response time is within in minutes. And most of the time, my questions have nothing to do with hosting, but rather, I am seeking suggestions about what I am working on. Also, not once has one of my questions been treated as insignificant, even when they were just small oversights on my part. Every time I asked for help, my questions were treated as a priority to the staff at Radium Hosting. One of the best parts about the customer service is the staff not only answers questions, but also points me to forums and other references to find answers on my own as well as places to learn new things. It's comparable to having a live person/teacher right at my desk.

I will never use another company for any of my web hosting needs, and I highly recommend that you don't either.


Radium Hosting servers are Fast!
- by Ken Will of sharingdoctors.com

I was using bluehost before and they were becoming worse and worse. I happened upon radium and and tried them out with one of my small newer sites. It was like night and day. Radium is blazing fast. I moved my other sites there and haven't looked back since. Hot! good lux.


Radium Hosting is Wonderful!
- by Jason Hamrick of satinsilkboutique.com

Radium Hosting has been the greatest host I have ever found. The speed is incredible, never a slow-down or server lag. We left our old host and moved our entire storefront to Radium and will never change. Customer support is impeccable. They even helpded with the DNS moving and setup! All I could say was Wow! You will not find a better host for your business anywhere!


Superior customer service
- by Julia Jensen of juliajensendesign.com

I was bummed when my local company closed its doors, but they put me in the hands of Mark at Radium Hosting, and it's been wonderful. I'm primarily a print designer who dabbles in WordPress, and he is always patient, prompt and polite.

Even when I had to migrate a site away from Radium, he was a gentleman and helpful professional. A+!!


Great Service
- by Dave Kolonich of meta-orange.com

I've used Radium Hosting for the past couple years and have been impressed by both their level of expertise and quality of service. Radium quickly solved any technical or creative problems I experienced while working on my sites - and did so in a timely manner.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Radium is their service - which is both informed and immediate. I could rely on Radium for a quick reply to any problem I was facing. Also, I could expect a more simplified explanation for any technical issue that arose.

Overall, I would highly recommend Radium for anyone's personal or business website needs. Radium offers great service, knowledge and communication for a pretty good price.


Very happy with Radium
- by Rich Swerbinsky of theclevelandfan.com

I've been using Radium Hosting for a couple of years now for my web hosting and web design, and they do an excellent job. The service is prompt, reasonably priced, and they've done an outstanding job with my website and my blog. Highly recommend them.

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